Tshoks is a paint horse gelding, he grew up in the Hluhluwe- Imfolozi game reserve as a ranger horse and came to African Horse Adventures at 20 years of age. Born in 1991, he is the oldest horse of the herd but still loves to go out for a ride. He is used to all kinds of animals and therefore very suitable for our trails and for the less- experienced riders. But make no mistake, he still fancies a good run if you let him!


Grace, born in 2004, is a thoroughbred mare. She is recovering from a tendon injury so we only take her on walking trails but we hope she'll be able to rejoin the team soon. Grace behaves like a true mare in the stable but she behaves like a true lady when you're on her back. We ride her with a bitless bridle to which she reacts perfectly.


Bullet is a Boerperd gelding and, as his name suggests, he is a very fast and sensitive horse, only suitable for experienced riders. When you ride him in a relaxed manner he is very eager to work for you and does everything he is asked. He is really sweet and patient in the stables. He also enjoys jumping and flat work in the arena, where we ride him with a bitless bridle.


Camelot, born in 1999 is an Anglo Arab mare. She is a great ride for the intermediate or advanced rider as she is quite forward going. She loves to go for a good run but also enjoys jumping in the arena. When she came to us in October 2014 we were surprised to find out she was pregnant and three weeks later she gave birth to Lancelot.


Attila, born in 2005 is a Boerperd gelding. He joined us at the beginning  of June 2015 from the Drakensberg. He is very suitable for the less-experienced as well as for the more advanced rider. He is very dependable on trails but also likes arena work and we often use him for flat work lessons or jumping. He can be quite naughty in the stables: he is a real escape artist.

The horses you will ride on your adventure are Thoroughbreds, Anglo Arabs, Paint and Boerperd (a typical South African breed).  Most of the horses are rescue horses that have found their 'forever' home with African Horse Adventures. All of our new horses undergo an extensive re-training program on their arrival.  We have horses for every riding level and train our horses from a Natural Horsemanship perspective.


Lancelot, born in 2014, is an Anglo Arab gelding. He is Camelots foal. We are planning to start riding him in the spring of 2018. We do a lot of ground work and natural horsemanship training with him. He is a really fast learner and doesn't scare easily. He is already used to having a saddle and bridle on and has been on trails where we lead him behind his mom.


Bundu, born in 1999, is a Boerperd gelding and was one of our first horses. He arrived in 2012 and was already an experienced  trail horse. Bundu is suitable for riders of every level. He is never in a hurry when he's walking, but can go very fast in trot and canter with an experienced rider! His favourite thing to do is eating, something he'll try to do on outrides as well, so you need to keep an eye on him when riding.


Midnight is an 8 year old thoroughbred gelding and the latest addition to our team of horses. He is an ex-race horse but a slight heart murmur ended his career. However, the trail and arena work is perfect for him. He can be a bit grumpy in the stables but is a dependable horse on trails and therefore suitable for less experienced riders. He loves going for a good run with a more experienced rider though.

New (rescue) Horses:

Most of our horses are (ex) rescue horses, we are constantly looking for new suitable horses and have a policy to only acquire rescue horses, re-train them and to provide them with a forever home. In the meantime, if ever you like to support a good cause, do so by supporting the Coastal Horse Care Unit in Cator Ridge. (Durban)