What will I be doing?

Besides the included activities, educationals and community projects, you will be involved in the day to day care of our horses. Below you will find more details about the program. Your volunteering coordinator will assist you throughout the day and will also provide you with daily and weekly schedules.


Working with our horses:

-Food preparation and feeding

-Assisting guides with prepping for horse safaris

-Assisting guides on trail rides into the park


-Checking physical conditions of the horses

-Training (groundwork, trail training, natural horsemanship)

-Assisting with training new horses (backing, groundwork, natural horsemanship)

-You will be working with individually allocated horses

Community projects:

During your time with us you'll be able to assist with one or more of the projects below.

-After school club

Assist with creative- and sports activities on a local primary school

-Community horse and donkey project

Assisting local communities with basic care of their horses and donkeys, educating owners is integral part of the project

-Community abblution project

Building prefab toilets in surrounding communities


Providing second hand clothes, shoes and toys to several informal settlements around us

-Community handyman

Assisting with basic maintenance of school building and / or creche.

-Horse riding club

Organizing horse riding for children with disabilities

Life in Africa can be quite adventurous, this sometimes results in a flexible planning. Your volunteering coordinator will plan the day for you and will guide you through it. To give you an idea of an average day at African Horse Adventures here's an example of a daily schedule.

Educational Components:

-Natural horsemanship

Focus on natural horsemanship in theory and practice.

-Training your horse

How to train your horse and where to start.

-Knowing your horse

Breaking your and your horses patterns.

-Wildlife tracking

Learn how to track wild animals and how to identify them by tracks.

-Wildlife and bush management

Learn the basics of wildlife and bush management.

-South African Cultures

Learn about culture in past and present, focussing on Zulu culture, medicinal use of plants, Zulu history and language.