All of us at African Horse Adventures love horses, and have been working with them for most of our lives. Our passion for horses is at the foundation of our volunteering programs. We pride ourselves on our personal service and will go a long way to make your time with A.H.A memorable!


Originally from the Netherlands, Aly has been involved since the start of our Volunteering project. Aly has extensive experience in natural horsemanship, groundwork, training and marketing. Aly has ridden horses for most of her life.


Nathan is our qualified head guide with untamed enthousiasm for nature and conservation. Nathan guides most of the activities and is responsible for all wildlife and bush related educationals.


Martijn emigrated to South Africa in 2006 from the Netherlands to leave a busy hectic life behind. Martijn has lots of experience in hospitality and community projects.


Christine has been part of AHA since the beginning and has extensive experience in training race and trail horses in both Sweden (her country of origin) and South Africa. Christine has lots of experience in volunteering projects and logistics.  


Sakhile is a qualified guide and has been working with our horses for several years. He is passionate about horses and nature. Sakhile guides our horse trails and is responsible for the daily care of our horses.